Register new RAWCS Team

This form is used by team leaders to register a new team and themsleves as leader of the team. Once submitted, the registration will be sent to the Project Manager for approval and then the RAWCS Regional Volunteer Supervisor for verification.

Team Leader

First Name:
Preferred Name:
Your preferred name is typically your first given name, but you can choose another
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Team Leader's Club Details

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Club President Name:
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Project No:
The project's number is in the format n-yyyy-yy where N is the number and Y is the year (eg 14-2018-19)
Project Name:
Project Description:
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Team Details

Group Name:
Please give this team a descriptive name
Anticipated Departure Date:
Work to be Performed:
Team leader to enter full details and description of the work the team members will be performing (information provided will determine each team member's ability to participate)

Overseas District(s)

District 1:
Enter the Rotary District number of the first District this team will operate in
District 2:
Enter the Rotary District number of the second District this team will operate in (if more than one)
District 3:
Enter the Rotary District number of the third District this team will operate in (if more than two)

Contribution Estimates

Project Days:
How many days do you estimate you (as team leader) will be working on the project
Travel Costs:
Realistically estimate the total cost of the team leader's travel, accommodation and food for this trip to work on this project in AU$